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The Taurus jars are made from a high-quality ceramic. Being ceramic, it has a high tolerance to heat and resilient to breakages. Made from natural materials, each piece may have some slight imperfections that add character to each jar.  When your candle has burnt out the Taurus jar makes for a lovely storage container. Simply clean with hot water and re-use.

The Mystic Taurus candles have a burn time of approximately 80 hours. Choose a fragrance from below and write in the order notes:

Champagne and strawberries
Japanese honeysuckle
Salted caramel
Patchouli and sandalwood
Frankincense and myrrh
Lavender and frankincense
Coconut and lime
Coconut and lemongrass
Bitter orange and star flower (subtle fragrance)
Lemongrass and sage
Thai lime and mango
Cotton candy
Lime basil and mandarin
Basil and cucumber
French pear
Black raspberry and vanilla
Cafe latte (strong, must love coffee!)
Wild frangipani


For your first burn, let your candle melt all the way to the edges of the jar before extinguishing. This ensures an even melt pool.

Do not burn your candle for more than 3 hours at a time, to ensure the life and quality of your candle, especially when you get to the last 3cm or so of your candle. Always monitor the amount of remaining wax in a candle container. Once the wax falls below the half-inch mark (1.27 centimetres), discontinue use. The container can heat up when the flame nears the base of the jar and there is not much remaining wax. Following this rule will help prevent heat damage to the container and the surface surrounding the candle, and will stop your wick from coming loose from the bottom of the jar.

Try to ensure that your wick is always kept to 5mm long at all times. We recommend trimming the wick every 3 hours of burn time. When trimming, always extinguish the flame, let the candle cool down to room temperature, remove any wick debris and trim the wick before relighting.

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